Happy Anniversary to Mozart!

So…what do you get a guy for his 224th wedding anniversary? A large Italian villa? Kingship of a small island? A space shuttle? Alas, the best I can do is a great interview about “Letters to Mozart” with Sherry Davis, proprietor of “Chronicles of a Modern-day Mozartian”. She asked some very thoughtful questions, and I had a great time answering them.

Check it out:

“Letters to Mozart” Interview with Sherry Davis

One Response to “Happy Anniversary to Mozart!”

  1. Rebecca Burgess Says:

    wow! What a wonderful interveiw!
    When reading the interveiw I completly understood how the artist felt, especially when she was talking about how when you see other people creating art you just want to do it yourself! I feel the same way, although this need to create can be frustrating sometimers, when you have so many ideas in your head but cant get them all down on paper!
    What a lovely book, the art looks amazing, an=d the idea interesting, I really want to buy it now 🙂
    Miss Kristin, you are an insperation to me, an aspiring arrtist and fellow new comer to classical music, who has been touched by Mozart and his music! I hope I can be a great illustrator like you one day! ^_^