These are all the characters that appear in the three acts of Letters to Mozart. This is not a complete list of all the characters from the 7 operas. If you are interested in learning more about any of the operas, click on the titles.

Real People From Mozart’s Life:

Aloysia Weber - Act I

Aloysia Weber Lange
The Narrator
and Mozart’s ex-lover
and a famous soprano in Vienna’s German Opera

Wolfgang Amade Mozart - Act III

Wolfgang Amadé Mozart
Composer of 626 pieces of music (including the 7 operas, sinfonia concertante, piano concerto, violin adagio, choral motet, & requiem mentioned in Letters to Mozart)

Maria Anna Mozart - Act I

Maria Anna Mozart
Mozart’s Mother
(She accompanied Mozart on his trip to Paris,
where she died suddenly in 1778.)

Leopold Mozart - Act II

Leopold Mozart
Mozart’s Father and Music Instructor
(Mozart and Leopold wrote long letters to each other which is why we know so much about both their lives.)

Konstanze Weber Mozart - Act II

Konstanze Weber Mozart
Mozart’s Wife & Aloysia’s Younger Sister
(She was an excellent businesswoman & promoted Mozart’s music all over Europe after his death.)

Karl Mozart - Act III

Karl Thomas Mozart
Mozart’s Oldest Son (The Mozarts had 6 children, but only 2 boys survived to adulthood.) Karl was only 7 when his dad died. He grew up to be a diplomat in Milan.

Franz Mozart - Act III

Franz Xavier Mozart
Mozart’s Second Son (FX changed his name to Wolfgang Jr. as an adult. He also befriended his Aunt Nannerl – healing the rift between Mozart & his older sister.)

Characters from Idomeneo: Re Di Creta

Elettra - Act IElettra
The hysterically jealous goddess
who is in love with Idamante.
She tried to run away with him
before the Sea Monster attacked Crete.

Ilia - Act I

A Captured Princess of Troy
who falls in love with Idamante,
the Prince of Crete. Ilia offers
to be sacrificed in Idamante’s place to save Crete.

Idamante - Act I

The Cretian Prince who
faces the prospect of being
sacrificed to save Crete
from the sea monster.

Idomeneo - Act I

The King of Crete who survived
20 years in the Trojan War
only to be nearly sunk by one of Neptune’ s
famous storms on his way home.

The Sea Monster - Act I

The Sea Monster
A very scary beast
who threatens to eat all of Crete
(at Neptune’s instruction)
unless the Prince is sacrificed.

Characters from Die Entführung Aus Dem Serail

Osmin - Act I

A Malicious Guard
who works at Pasha Selim’s
palace by the sea, and who is
determined not to let Konstanze escape.

Konstanze - Act I

A Spanish maiden
who was kidnapped
by pirates and sold
into the Pasha’s Turkish Harem.

Belmonte - Act I

Konstanze’s gallant lover
who sails from Spain
to Turkey to try to
rescue her.

Characters from Le Nozze Di Figaro

Il Conte di Almaviva - Act II

Il Conte di Almaviva
A Spanish Count who wishes
he hadn’t just abolished the
droit du seigneur
in his realm…

La Contessa Rosina - Act II

La Contessa Rosina
The beautiful, young wife of
Il Conte who fears she is no
longer loved by him, and vows
to teach him a lesson.

Cherubino - Act II

Il Conte’s flirty page
who adores La Contessa…
and Susanna…
and Barbarina…

Susanna - Act II

La Contessa’s maid,
and Figaro’s fiancée,
who proves to be as clever
as she is pretty.

Figaro - Act II

Susanna’s fiancé,
who also works at
Il Conte’s palace –
a symbol of the common man.

Characters from Don Giovanni
Don Giovanni
Donna Elvira
Don Ottavio
Donna Anna

Characters from Così Fan Tutte
Don Alfonso

Characters from Die Zauberflöte
Königin Der Nacht
Dangerous Serpent

Characters from La Clemenza Di Tito