First Copy

Good news! I received my first copy of Letters to Mozart (the book) from the printer on Friday 26 May. I am so excited. did a very good job printing it. I have been looking at the InDesign file for the last 7 months, & it’s a thrill to hold the real copy in my hands. It looks a lot smaller than when I printed the whole thing out on my desktop printer, because the full bleed pages are all cropped down to the official size (9×7″). The cover is very shiny. I like that. I placed a large order which should arrive in the next week or two, at which time I will be ready to start filling orders for autographed copies. We should have the shoppe open for business here in the next day or two…

In the meantime, if you absolutely can’t wait for a copy of the book, you can purchase it directly from Just be aware it will not be autographed.

All the copies ordered through this site, however, will be autographed.


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