Guest Book

Talk to us, Mozart fans! Let us know what you think of Letters to Mozart – the show, the book, or the site.

7 Responses to “Guest Book”

  1. D. Pratt Says:

    Great web site. The art work is very good, detail is attractive, looking forward to when information is available on the book.

  2. Angela Larsen Says:

    GORGEOUS! The site and artwork are rich and glorious. I’m sorry to say I don’t know enough about Mozart but you’ve inspired me and now I can’t wait to find out more. I’m looking forward to the book (with the “glossy” cover…which I also like). You have definitely started something here. (Can I be an extra when the feature film is made?) Congratulations on what has obviously taken a lot of thought and care!

  3. Chestnut Says:

    Just tried emailing you at the orchid address and it bounced! Am interested in knowing where to stay in Steamboat Springs that will be near you, family, friends. We’re now aiming at the Aug 6 performance. Will fly to Denver and rent a car. Can’t wait.

  4. Ben Wann Says:

    I love this book, and this website.
    Brought mozart out to me more than ever before.

  5. Jack Schlueter Says:

    Sorry I didn’t make the opening for this show Fri. But at least I can see the work here. Very nice indeed, what a creative combo of music and visual art! Thanks for sharing

  6. dima Says:


  7. kate Robertson Says:

    Kristin…just discovered your website..I will let the girls go exploring this weekend…what a wonderful place to visit…the bright recesses of an imaginative, creative heart…see you on Sunday…with Love, Kate