7 May 1788

pages 96-97

Bravo, Amadé!

Don Giovanni adds Vienna to his catalogue of conquests! What a dark reading of this classic tale…kind of exciting, really…

You know better than anyone how I adore singing your music – you take such care to tailor each part to the singer’s individual voice. I know you didn’t write Donna Anna for me, but when I stepped into the role, I was thrilled to discover that she fits me like a perfectly made gown. (Even with this child on the way!) Will he be a singer? An actor like his papa? Nanette is almost 7 now, & I can tell she wants to act. & 2 year-old little Rosina just sings to herself all the time! (Maybe sharing a name with Figaro’s Contessa has something to do with it…) Well, we will know in 4 months or so… God, for the sake of the girls, I hope he lives. We’ll name him after his healthy cousin Karl Mozart just to be safe…

Be well,

(Exerpts from Letters to Mozart © 2006 Kristin Serafini.)