Le nozze di Figaro


Le nozze di Figaro
by Kristin Serafini
acrylic on gallery canvas
24″ x 48″
$1200 SOLD

What is going on behind this door? (I’ll leave that to your imagination.) Le nozze di Figaro is all about disguise and intrigue. I think this is probably the door that leads to the bedroom where the opera begins. The Count’s servant Figaro measures out the space for the bed, as his fiancée, Susanna (the Contessa’s maid), tries to point out that this adorable bridal suite is just too close to the Count’s own chambers…

I put about 5 translucent layers on the door, to create a rich finish. It doesn’t show up very well in this digital picture, unfortunately. I added the botanical ornamentation down the left side of the canvas because it still seemed a little vacant on that side. I also refined the layering on the sign and lightened up the metallic color of the lettering to give it a more polished look.

-Kristin Serafini