9 August 1781

page 31

Dear Amadé,

Mama just dropped by for tea & chocolates, and of course to play with Nannette. She was very eager to tell me the ood news! What luck – a new comission! I just knew this city would come to its senses sooner or later. I am glad for your sake it was sooner!

Mama also tells me that except for when you are at the clavier, you are silent as a church mouse & that she almost never sees you. But sweet little Sophie tells me a whole different story. Oh yes, that one has eyes in the back of her head! You devious rascal. Are you really interested in Stanzi? (Not that it’s any of my business!) I do hope you’ll keep your wits about you, if she has caught your eye – because if Mama finds out she will surely fly into a rage. She fancies herself extremely clever & doesn’t like to be surprised – especially by suitors.

She thinks she will be able to have maids bring her chocolates for the
rest of her life if she can only get rich gentlemen to marry her oh-so-lovely daughters. I am sure she will have plans for Stanzi, since she can no longer conjure a count to to wisk me away & save the day.. Joseph & I do well for ourselves, & try to help Mama when we can, but rehearsals take forever…

Think of Stanzi when you’re writing this opera, & make it a masterpiece. Mama will think she’s made quite a match then, won’t she?


(Exerpts from Letters to Mozart © 2006 Kristin Serafini.)