30 September 1791

pages 120-121

Oh, Amadé!

You have again taken Vienna by storm! Die Zauberflöte truly is a fantastical spectacle! I can see why dear Josefa had such difficulty explaining it…& wasn’t she astounding? The Queen of the Night surely brought the house down as only a Weber sister could! How you ever finished this masterwork of exotic adventure with so many interruptions is completely beyond me.

I can scarcely believe the abundance of work you have these days. (Open your wardrobe with caution when you dress in the morning–someone may jump out & ask you for another opera!)

(14 October) The great Mozart must be so proud! Look at this little letter your son sent me today! How sweet of you & Hofer to take him with you. I am sure the imperious Salieri was impressed with the young Mozart’s manners! What a treat to sit with the grown-ups in his papa’s box & watch his papa’s own opera on stage! He will be telling his baby brother Franz about that glorious night for years to come!


Dear Auntie Aloysia, Hi! It’s your best nephew Karl Thomas Mozart. I am 7 yrs old. I am just about grown up now because Papa took me to see his new magick opera. My Papa is very famous you know. I think he is the best papa in the whole world. I am going to tell Mama & baby Franz all about it when we visit them tomorrow. I like Papageno best. He has feathers. Auntie Josefa was very scary. I clapped for her alot & said brava & bella just like papa told me to! kisses for little Karl!

~Karl T.M.

(Exerpts from Letters to Mozart © 2006 Kristin Serafini.)