29 October 1787

pages 90-91

*Dear Amadé*

I wish I could be in Prague with you & Stanzi to see the opening of Don Giovanni.  I am so curious to see what you have done with it AND what sort of reception it will receive.  I’m sure Stanzi will tell me a sparkling tale of the night’s grand festivities when you return.  I love to imagine you striding on stage to take command of the orchestra in that regal red jacket Baroness Waldstätten gave you when you first arrived in Vienna.  In those moments, you remind me of a fierce little winged lion – like that ancient gargoyle tucked into the wall outside Stephansdom…

It’s late & the house is dark.  Joseph is out.  Again.

I have gathered several candles & lined them up on the sill.  I stop writing to stare at the reflections of the dancing flames in the glass.  The candles illuminate this letter, but they may also provide comfort to someone passing in the street below, if they happen to look up.  Do you feel that way about your music?  I imagine it makes your own soul glow as much as it blesses anyone else who may have the chance to hear it.  Ah, the age-old debate:  who is the art for?  The artist or the audience? 

How strange that fire symbolizes creative genius…and also hell…Especially since I know composing is pure heaven for you!  Will you bring Don Giovanni to Vienna?  I do hope so…I would love more than anything to sing in it!


(Exerpts from Letters to Mozart © 2006 Kristin Serafini.)